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In order to keep your xeriscape landscaping in the best possible condition throughout the year, getting the right professional attention will deliver quality. We provide you with the necessary expertise when it comes to your xeriscape garden, native landscaping, watering solutions and more. By brining the San Antonio area the highest level of experience out of local landscaping companies, you can depend on results that will have your property looking its best at all times through reliable and affordable treatment options at your convenience.

Plant Care
The foundation of your xeriscape backyard or front yard is the plants contained within and bringing the right level of professional attention to this aspect of your xeriscaping will ensure that it continues to look its best. Whether you need disease remediation, replanting or any other service to care for your native plants, choosing to reach out to San Antonio Xeriscape Service will provide you with the experience and expertise you’re looking for. We deliver the highest level of care when it comes to all manner of local plants and exotic species of xeriscape plants, all while working with your schedule.

Irrigation Systems
Even though xeriscape landscaping provides you with the water conservation you’re looking for, it’s still an important part of giving plants the necessary care to live long and healthy. With the right drip irrigation systems in place, you have the means to keep your plants happy while also giving yourself more time for other aspects of life rather than strict watering schedules. When you need quality services to ensure that your xeriscape irrigation is maintained and working to the best of its ability, choosing San Antonio Xeriscape Service will bring you the specialized expertise necessary to deliver the care you need.

Having a lighting system within your residential or commercial xeriscape installation can be a great way of highlighting the invest you’ve made and ensuring that you can traverse the location whether sun up or sun down. Whether you have a specialized lighting system in place for your installation, you need replacement bulbs or wiring checks, we have the skilled professionals required to get the right maintenance services provided. If you’re looking for the best in local landscaping companies to work around your personal schedule or you need to ensure affordability, you can count on San Antonio Xeriscape Service to be there for you.

Year-Round Appeal
The maintenance services that we bring to your xeriscaping is in place to ensure that you have the access to the necessary professionals, skilled in providing results to your specific installation type. When looking for the highest level of experience when working with xeriscape gardens, artificial sod or otherwise, making the choice to reach out to San Antonio Xeriscape Service will provide you with the skilled attention you need. Our experts are here to ensure that your property looks its best throughout the year and that  you have the means to depend on the various systems involved in it’s utility. 

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