Part of obtaining quality landscaping for your property is coming up with watering solutions specific to your region. When in a temperate and sometimes arid environment such as San Antonio, finding the means to obtain a water saver landscape service can ensure that you get natural landscaping that highlights native plants to the area while also providing a low maintenance yard and waterless lawn options.

About Us
San Antonio Xeriscape Service has been bringing the best in the xeriscaping contractors to the San Antonio area for many years. We have seen the customers demand for water conserving landscape options while also having a focus on delivering the best in aesthetic appeal and eco-friendly practicality. Whether you’re looking to xeriscape garden areas, are looking for xeriscape ideas for commercial properties or otherwise, turning to our professionals will provide you with the local xeriscapers you need for quality design and implementation. We are dedicated to bringing San Antonio area properties landscaping services that fulfill your needs while providing the benefits of water conservation.

Our Services
Each of our services are geared towards providing you with the best landscaping services possible while putting a strong focus on watering solutions and conserving our natural resources through drought tolerant plants and other designs. This can be great not only if you are looking to make minimal impact in terms of water usage but also if you are looking for a low maintenance landscape solution that will allow you to reap the benefits of aesthetic charm while not having to put a great amount of time into upkeep. Whatever the reasons behind your need for xeriscape contractors, you can depend on us for results.

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San Antonio


​Residential Design & Installation

We understand the desire to make our homes look as pleasing as possible and when looking for a xeriscape front yard service that will make an impact on the appearance of your property, choosing to reach out to San Antonio Xeriscape Service will bring you the selection you need in both local plants and artificial sod, giving you the aesthetic charm you’re looking for as well as a low maintenance yard you’ll be proud to show off.

Commercial Design and Installation

There has been more responsibility placed on commercial properties in the San Antonio area than ever. Attempting to find ways to lower your carbon footprint and to utilize less of the natural resources of the area, we understand how difficult it can get. When looking for a water conserving landscape for your business property, you can count on our professionals to bring you the design and installation services you need for success.

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Xeriscape Maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of xeriscaping services is the lowered level of maintenance that you can expect. This doesn’t mean though that the installations are free of any necessary care and when looking for local xeriscaping contractors to provide you with the maintenance services you need, you can depend on our professionals to provide you with a range of services and capabilities in order to keep your xeriscape garden or yard looking its best.

“After hearing about xeriscaping services, I decided to find out if there were any xeriscape companies near me. After coming across San Antonio Xeriscape Service and giving them a call, I was excited to see what it could bring to my property. The design and results delivered were beyond my expectations.”
– Janice K.

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“When searching for landscaping services, I came across San Antonio Xeriscape Service and was intrigued by the sustainable landscape options they had available. After making a call and getting a design consultation, they got to work on my property and delivered a beautiful landscaping full of native plants to San Antonio.”
– Lisa R.

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“In order to truly have a low maintenance yard, I made the call to San Antonio Xeriscape Service to have artificial turf installed. They had a much larger selection than I anticipated, which truly allowed me to create the perfect aesthetic for my property.”
– George D.

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Xericape Lighting

When you have landscaping done to your yard that you are proud of, we understand the desire to highlight it. One of the most effective means in which you can do this is through landscape lighting and our experts bring you the range of services necessary to deliver this option to your property. We use specialized lighting to provide the illumination you’re looking for as well as being beneficial to the xeriscape plants you have in place.

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Xeriscape Irrigation

Though our xeriscaping service provides you with a water saver landscape, there is still a certain level of water required to maintain the life and health of native plants. Whether you’re looking for drip irrigation installation, maintenance or repair delivered to your current watering system or otherwise, choosing to reach out to San Antonio Xeriscape Service will provide you with the range of services necessary to keep your xeriscaping looking lush and healthy.


Xeriscape Remodeling

If you have had previous xeriscaping delivered to your residential or commercial property and are looking to have remodeling services done to expand or transform this landscaping, or you are looking to make a change from your current landscaping to a water conserving landscape, you can count on San Antonio Xeriscape Service to provide you with the highest level of expertise and capability in order to deliver the best looking San Antonio area xeriscaping services.


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You might be wondering, “How much does does xeriscaping cost”? or “How much does it cost to xeriscape a yard”?Xeriscape cost will vary and is dependent upon many factors to include the xeriscape design, plants used, irrigation needs, and more. The best way to find out is to contact us so we can come out to give you our best estimate. 

Xeriscape Landscaping in San Antonio and Surrounding Cities

Xeriscaping is a very specific delivery of water conserving landscape options and in order to provide the best quality results for our clients across San Antonio, we provide you with the most skilled and experienced xeriscape contractors in the city. Whether you simply looking to xeriscape front yard spaces on your property or are looking for entire commercial property solutions, you can be sure that our professionals provide you with the widest range of native landscaping to choose from and the artificial turf and sod selections necessary for a truly waterless lawn. Whatever the ideas you have in mind when it comes to a sustainable landscape, you can depend on our professionals to bring you the best in:

San Antonio Landscaping Ideas
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By choosing to pick up the phone and reaching out to our experts for xeriscape ideas, you can depend on receiving the level of treatment that only quality landscaping companies deliver. We are dedicated to bringing the highest level of quality standard when it comes to low-maintenance landscape services, ensuring that our professionals are putting the full weight of their experience behind providing you with the best results. Whether you need xeriscape ideas or are curious as to the selection of native plants available for a water conserving landscape, making the choice to pick up the phone or turn to our website will provide you with the information you’re looking for quickly and easily.